History Lapbooks

Roman Numerals Lapbook

To round off our unit study on Ancient Rome the kids did a Maths Lapbook on Roman Numerals. At first they seemed a bit put off as it was a little confusing for them working out the rules on how to read and write the Roman Numerals (even I needed to brush up on this), […]

Ancient Rome Lapbook

This is my son, Yusef’s Lapbook on Ancient Rome. There are lots of Ancient Rome Lapbooks available online but I decided to design my own templates which you can download HERE. I used these books as a prompt for designing my templates. This lapbook is quite detailed and I am currently designing a set of […]

Ancient Egypt Lapbook (2)

I’ve recently been sorting through some of our old projects that I have yet to share with you when I came across my daughter, Samira’s Ancient Egypt Lapbook. I have already shared my son’s similar lapbook which you can see in more detail  HERE. I have collected a number of lapbooks and activity worksheets on […]

Ancient Egypt Lapbook

This is my son, Yusef’s lapbook. We enjoyed working on this topic for a good couple of months and we are still putting the finishing touches to a few pieces of work.  This topic is so vast that I decided it would be a good idea to make a lapbook that covered Ancient Egypt in general and then make […]