Names of Allah Activities

99 Names of Allah Worksheets

Asalamu alaykum, My sincere apologies to those of you who were waiting for the remaining few worksheets on the Names of Allah countdown to Ramadhan. I have had so many commitments these past few weeks and now we are in the process of preparing for Ramadhan so I want to catch up and share with […]

“Who Is Your Lord?” Lapbook

Recently, my two young girls completed their “Who Created You?” Lapbooks designed by Umm Khadeejah of Diary of a Muslim Homeschool. She designed the lapbook with inspiration from the book “The Beneficial Elementary Principals of Tawheed, Fiqh and ‘Aqeedah” by Shaykh Yaahya Ibn ‘Ali al-Hajooree and I couldn’t agree more that this book is one of […]

Who Created You? Lapbook

I came across this lovely little lapbook a while ago at Diary of a Muslim Homeschool. On Day 15 of our countdown of the 99 Names of Allah, we focused on Allah’s name – Al Khaaliq – The Creator. It was the perfect opportunity to make this lapbook with my girls, Amina and Basma. This is what […]

Little Tawheed Workbook

A few months ago I came across a set of worksheets on the SalafyInk website which I decided to put together for my two younger girls. The worksheets are aimed at teaching tawheed, understanding that Allah is our Creator and our Lord and Sustainer. Each page is simple and brief with enough information for little […]

Islamic Art & Craft: Allah Created …

I recently bought an Islamic colouring book for children called “Allah Made the Sun and the Moon”. It is published by Goodword Books and can be bought for as little as £1.50. The book contains different pictures of the creation within the Heavens and the Earth and can be completed using the colour-by-numbers instructions. But […]

Allah the Creator – Pizza Book

I was inspired to make this cute little pizza book after finding it on Umm Rashid’s blog. I made it with my younger two daughters, Amina 4 and Basma 3. They made one each. I like the idea that you can pack lots of information into a book that you can fold up and hold […]

Names of Allah Playing Cards

A while back I took a 4 week session with another sister to teach our homeschool group about the Names and Attributes of Allah. We felt this was a very important topic and we made sure that the children were aware of that fact based on the Hadith of Abu Hurayrah, radhi’Allahu anhu: Abu Hurayrah narrated […]