Names of Allah Activities

Names of Allah Tree

Alhamdulillah! Yesterday we had a very productive day doing a bit of art and crafts for a change. I was browsing for Islamic art project ideas recently when I came across this awesome idea from Karima’s Crafts – a Names of Allah Tree. I thought it was such a wonderful idea which is why I blogged about […]

Day 35: Al-Haleem Colouring Sheet

Today we are focusing on Allah’s Name ~ Al-Haleem. You can download the colouring sheet for this Name HERE. Read a further explanation of this Name and download another worksheet HERE.

Names of Allah Quiz Sheets from Lessons in the Gulf

Alhamdulillah, our Sister Deanna has very kindly shared some of the Names of Allah Quiz sheets that she made for her children last year. They are a great way to get children reviewing the Names they have already covered and to help remind them in recalling the meaning of each Name. Be sure to visit […]

Day 34: Al-Fattah Colouring Sheet

You can now download today’s colouring sheet for Allah’s Name ~ Al-Fattah. The colouring sheet is available to download HERE and another worksheet with explanation of the Name can be found HERE.

99 Names of Allah Tree by Karima’s Crafts

I have been browsing some of my favourite blogs for more Art & Crafts activities for my 6 and 7 year old girls when I came across this awesome piece of wall art, mashaa’Allah! This is a 99 Names of Allah Tree by Karima’s Crafts. One look and I fell in love with it! I […]

Names and Attributes of Allah Wordsearch (3)

Inshaa’Allah you have been following along with ‘Learning 99 Names of Allah’ by Creative Motivations. If you have then you will know we have reached Day 33 of the countdown to Ramadhan. I have been producing daily colouring sheets for each of the Names of Allah which you can download HERE. For each set of […]

Why Did Allah Create You? Lapbook

I have designed this lapbook after taking inspiration from the book “The Beneficial Elementary Principals of Tawheed, Fiqh and ‘Aqeedah” by Shaykh Yaahya Ibn ‘Ali al-Hajooree. The shaykh wrote this book for his children and its simple question and answer style is most easy for even young children to understand. I recommend every Muslim with […]