Ancient Rome

Roman Numerals Lapbook

To round off our unit study on Ancient Rome the kids did a Maths Lapbook on Roman Numerals. At first they seemed a bit put off as it was a little confusing for them working out the rules on how to read and write the Roman Numerals (even I needed to brush up on this), […]

Ancient Rome Notebook Pages

A few days ago I started uploading our World History Timeline Notebook PagesĀ and I explained that the timeline notebook dedicates one page to one period of time in Ancient History. To support our timeline notebook, I am also designing more notebooks to cover certain time periods in more detail. Today I have put together this […]

World History Timeline Notebook Pages ~ The Ancient World

Alhamdulillah, I have been down with flu since Saturday and the kids are still under the weather so for the past few days we haven’t been doing any studies. This has given me some free time to make a start designing some World History Notebooking Pages. I have completed the first set of pages on […]

Ancient Rome Lapbook

This is my son, Yusef’s Lapbook on Ancient Rome. There are lots of Ancient Rome Lapbooks available online but I decided to design my own templates which you can download HERE. I used these books as a prompt for designing my templates. This lapbook is quite detailed and I am currently designing a set of […]

Ancient Rome and Leaflet Learning

I find one of the best ways for my children to show what they have learned and understood is to have them make leaflets and posters. Over the past year my older two children have spent alot of time reading from various fact books for their studies. They love learning about history and their favourite […]