File Folder Games

The Last Ten Nights of Ramadhan

Today is the 19th Ramadhan 1435 and as part of our Ramadhan Activities we have been learning about the virtues of the Last Ten Nights of Ramadhan. Imam Ibn Qayyim al-Jauziyyah: “The month of Ramadan is superior to all other months, and the last ten nights are superior to the other nights.” (Zad-ul Ma’ad, 1/70) We read […]

Moon Phases File Folder

Today is the 30th Sha’baan 1435  and we are kicking off our Ramadhan Activities with some lessons on Moon Phases. No matter how organised I may appear to be I always seem to be very last minute with many of my ideas. Anyway, after some inspiration from A Muslim Child is Born I quickly put together a […]

Fun~tastic Fruits & Veggies

It’s not always easy to get kids to eat fruits and vegetables. So why not find ways to make them seem more appealing … We made this great fresh fruit salad recently after seeing this picture posted on Facebook. The kids were impressed and I didn’t need to ask them twice to make sure they […]

Multiplication File Folder Games

I was looking recently for a way to make learning Multiplication more fun when I came across a set of file folder games, for each of the times tables facts from 2 to 12. They are all available to download from the FileFolderFun website. I made the folder game using a sheet of A3 card folded in half. I […]

Tashkeel File Folder Game

I was recently looking for some resources for teaching Arabic when I came across this wonderful file folder game on Umm An-Nu’man’s Blog: A Muslim Child Is Born. The sister has kindly made her files available to download for free, may Allah reward her, so please be sure to go check out her blog insha’Allah. I made […]

Arctic Animals File Folder Game

We are currently working on our Polar Regions study unit and I had this file folder game saved for this. I came across it on the File Folder Fun website. Its perfect for my 2 younger girls to learn and recognise some of the most common Artcic Animals. I glued down the animals inside the file […]

COMING SOON: Winter and Polar Region Lapbooks

Winter has well and truly arrive in Merry ol’ England! With icy cold mornings and freezing, foggy nights I thought it was about the right time to open our winter theme project folders. Here’s a taster of what’s coming up shortly, insha’Allah: This my daughter, Samira’s Lapbook about Penguins. She has been begging me for […]