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Alhamdulillah! For a while now I have been looking through my blog and feeling more and more claustrophobic.

I love sharing our projects and activities and resources but I can’t help thinking that the blog is starting to look cluttered and the links to free downloads are being missed, buried amongst the tales of labours and accomplishments.

As busy as I am with my kids, teaching 4 full-time and juggling a 3 year old and a 5 month old, I couldn’t resist the idea of creating a new site with simply, easy to see, quick download links to free educational resources.

One day, about a month ago, I was playing around with one of my old blogs on Blogger and could no longer resist the urge to get creative.

And so Iman’s Home-School Quick Links was born!

As much as I’ve enjoyed blogging over the years, I don’t have much free time these days and creating a full blog post with all the photos included requires time to prepare and upload … often being typed one-handed while my little one hangs off my shoulder, mashaa’Allah!

With Iman’s Home-School Quick Links I can upload as many as ten links in the time it taken to write this post.

Of course, this isn’t the end of my blog, I will check in from time to time with updates, and inshaa’Allah, as my children grow I’m sure I’ll return to blogging full-time again. But in the meantime please feel free to go over to the new site and subscribe.

I am still uploading to the site over the coming days, weeks and months, activating links and categories as I go, so check back often for more free downloads inshaaAllah.

If you are looking for something specific please leave a request in the comments and I shall endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible, b’idhnillah.

Barak’Allahu feekum for your continued support. Please share the links to my new site, may Allah reward you with good, ameen.




The Taqwa Curriculum



“I feel humbled and honoured to have been asked to review this fantastic curriculum. As a Muslim mother and full-time home-educator I love sharing resources and ideas with fellow educators and one of the most frequently asked questions I have received is “What curriculum do you recommend?”

My response is that I don’t follow a curriculum. And I think that is due to the fact that I have never really found anything that is so complete as to cover our academic studies while still promoting our Islamic values … until now.The Taqwa Curriculum is a much needed resource for both teachers and parents alike. It incorporates important Islamic fundamentals, morals and values into units and lessons which help children nurture their faith whilst learning about the world around them.Alhamdulillah, this curriculum will help relieve a lot of pressure from home-educators in particular who struggle with finding a structure for their children’s education. This curriculum has come just in time, as I still have several children young enough to benefit from this wonderful resource. Having muddled along over the years, I can see this saving me many hours of planning and organising inshaa’Allah”.


Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuhu,
Introducing a one-of-a-kind, FUN, Islamic, hands-on and holistic way to learn! Are you a teacher looking for ideas to bring your lessons to life ?Or a home educator who wants all the information, links and lesson ideas in one place?Or perhaps a parent who wants to know what your child needs to cover and wants to supplement their school curriculum with holistic, Islamic and hands-on activities?Then the TAQWA CURRICULUM guide is what you are looking for. This guide looks at each topic from an Islamic perspective with references to the Quran and authentic Hadith. Each topic has a number of activities that are hands-on and holistic. There is also a section with links to further resources to consolidate the topic or provide ideas to cover the activities.Reception year is out now and ready to purchase, alhamdulillah!

Here is your chance to take charge of your children’s education and help the ummah in need!

So, hop on board and join the education revolution. Educate your children in their secular studies through the lens of Islam, bi ithnillah!

Share this message far and wide, so everyone can benefit – and it will be sadaqah jaariyah for you inshaAllah.

If you share the purchase link (below) on Facebook, you get 10% off !!

You will receive a 116 page PDF for only £9!

Please visit www.taqwacurriculum.com for more information and to purchase the guide.



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The Prophet’s Prayer Described ~ Workbook


This is a free children’s workbook (47 pages) based on the work: The Prophet’s Prayer Described by the noble Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Saalih al-Uthaymeen, rahimahullah.

*** Download The Prophet’s Prayer Described Workbook ***

The workbook has been created by Abu Muadh Taqweem Aslam and published by Salafi Centre, Manchester .

Having looked through the workbook, mashaa’Allah, I found it to be very thorough and detailed. I would suggest this workbook is suitable for age 10+ but could be broken down and explained to younger children with prompting.

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Nouns Worksheets


Here are a few more worksheets on nouns.

This cut and glue worksheet include people, places and things with an Islamic theme.

** Download Nouns Cut & Glue Worksheet **

These worksheets help children to recognise nouns in a sentence and to identify whether they are singular or plural.

** Download Singular and Plural Nouns Worksheet **

For more worksheets please visit the English Language Worksheets section inshaa’Allah.



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Action Verbs Worksheet


I’m currently designing Islamic-themed English Language worksheets for my younger two girls: Amina (7) and Basma (6).

This double page activity covers action verbs. You can find more worksheets HERE.

** Download Action Verbs Worksheet **

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Possessive Nouns Worksheet



My six and seven year olds, Basma and Amina are using interactive notebooks to complete their English Language studies. I like to compliment their work with an occasional exercise worksheet to check their understanding.

A lot of the worksheets online are very useful but I find that many of them have American English terms (i.e. pants = trousers; faucet = tap) which my girls are not familiar with. 

Another downside in some of the written examples include sentences that may have a theme (i.e. Halloween, Christmas, listening to music, etc) that doesn’t balance well with our Islamic beliefs. So I have started recreating some worksheets with a more Islamic theme that our Muslim children can relate to.

As we are covering nouns and verbs this week I will share today’s worksheet on Possessive Nouns and I will continue to upload worksheets as I create them inshaa’Allah.

** Download Possessive Nouns Worksheet **

For more English Language activities why not check out our:


Islamic Studies Interactive Notebook: Aqeedah Unit 1 ~ Knowing Allah


For the past few days I have been busy putting final touches to our Islamic Studies Interactive Notebook Unit.

*** Download Islamic Studies Notebook Cover ***

*** Download Aqeedah Unit 1: Knowing Allah ***

We’ve done lapbooks, we’ve done notebooks and now we are doing interactive (lift-the-flap) notebooks, mashaa’Allah. With a houseful of (mostly) girls, we are all about presentation; a simple sheet of paper and a pencil just doesn’t do it for us, so I decided to make our unit studies a bit more colourful and creative.

I am planning out our Islamic studies in units, beginning, of course, with Aqeedah. This will then be followed by units on Ibaadah and Fiqh of Ibaadah.  This first unit covers Belief in Allah. I am currently working on further units including:

  • Unit 2: The Unseen ~ Angels
  • Unit 3: The Unseen ~ Jinn
  • Unit 4: The Prophets and Messengers
  • Unit 5: The Books of Allah
  • Unit 6: The Last Day
  • Unit 7: Allah’s Decree
  • Unit 8: Ibaadah ~ The Purpose of Creation
  • Unit 9: Dhikr and Du’aa
  • Unit 10: The Advice of Luqmaan
  • Unit 11: Adaab and Akhlaaq
  • Unit 12: Fiqh of Purification
  • Unit 13: Fiqh of Salaat
  • Unit 14: Fiqh of Zakaat
  • Unit 15: Fiqh of Siyaam
  • Unit 16: Fiqh of Hajj

Below are some examples of what the notebook would look like. It contains 30+ activities. I recommend using the following books to study in order to complete the unit inshaa’Allah, all of which are available to purchase from Sunnah Bookstore:

This is a page that discusses Tawheed and its Categories



This page looks at the Arabic terms and their meanings in relation to understanding Allah’s Names and Attributes



This page looks at the understanding regarding Allah rising above His Throne.



These pages look at the physical qualities that Allah affirms for Himself and how we should believe in them.



For more activities related to this unit study, why not check out our: