Iman’s Home-School Quick Links

Alhamdulillah! For a while now I have been looking through my blog and feeling more and more claustrophobic. I love sharing our projects and activities and resources but I can’t help thinking that the blog is starting to look cluttered and the links to free downloads are being missed, buried amongst the tales of labours […]

Nouns Worksheets

Here are a few more worksheets on nouns. This cut and glue worksheet include people, places and things with an Islamic theme. ** Download Nouns Cut & Glue Worksheet ** These worksheets help children to recognise nouns in a sentence and to identify whether they are singular or plural. ** Download Singular and Plural Nouns Worksheet […]

Action Verbs Worksheet

I’m currently designing Islamic-themed English Language worksheets for my younger two girls: Amina (7) and Basma (6). This double page activity covers action verbs. You can find more worksheets HERE. ** Download Action Verbs Worksheet **

Possessive Nouns Worksheet

  My six and seven year olds, Basma and Amina are using interactive notebooks to complete their English Language studies. I like to compliment their work with an occasional exercise worksheet to check their understanding. A lot of the worksheets online are very useful but I find that many of them have American English terms (i.e. pants = trousers; […]

Islamic Studies Interactive Notebook: Aqeedah Unit 1 ~ Knowing Allah

For the past few days I have been busy putting final touches to our Islamic Studies Interactive Notebook Unit. *** Download Aqeedah Unit 1: Knowing Allah (Arabic Version) *** Download Aqeedah Unit 1: Knowing Allah (English Version) *** We’ve done lapbooks, we’ve done notebooks and now we are doing interactive (lift-the-flap) notebooks, mashaa’Allah. With a houseful […]

Starfish Lapbook

As part of our unit study on Oceans, the kids worked together to produce this Starfish Lapbook. Starfish Lapbook Templates This lapbook was made by taping together three sheets of A3 size card, side by side and then folding them in on themselves until the lapbook closes to A4 size. Here is how it looks […]

MATHS NOTEBOOKING: Shape and Measure Guide Sheets

Over the past year I have been designing some Maths Notebooking Pages to help my kids review their core maths skills. I have already designed pages for: Geometry Fractions and Decimals Percentages and Conversions Basic Arithmetic Data, Averages and Probability This next set of sheets covers Telling Time, Shape Properties, Measuring Length, Mass (Weight), Speed, Temperature, Direction […]