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Possessive Nouns Worksheet



My six and seven year olds, Basma and Amina are using interactive notebooks to complete their English Language studies. I like to compliment their work with an occasional exercise worksheet to check their understanding.

A lot of the worksheets online are very useful but I find that many of them have American English terms (i.e. pants = trousers; faucet = tap) which my girls are not familiar with. 

Another downside in some of the written examples include sentences that may have a theme (i.e. Halloween, Christmas, listening to music, etc) that doesn’t balance well with our Islamic beliefs. So I have started recreating some worksheets with a more Islamic theme that our Muslim children can relate to.

As we are covering nouns and verbs this week I will share today’s worksheet on Possessive Nouns and I will continue to upload worksheets as I create them inshaa’Allah.

** Download Possessive Nouns Worksheet **

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