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Starfish Lapbook


As part of our unit study on Oceans, the kids worked together to produce this Starfish Lapbook.

  • Starfish Lapbook Templates
  • This lapbook was made by taping together three sheets of A3 size card, side by side and then folding them in on themselves until the lapbook closes to A4 size. Here is how it looks as it opens out.




My 7 year old daughter, Amina, used a book to research and copy out some interesting facts onto the notebook page.


In these flaps I wrote definitions to help the younger ones understand the terms bilateral and radial symmetry.


My 6 year old daughter, Basma, completed this flap about what starfish eat.


The Homeschool Share templates come with a vocabulary list but they don’t include a template to complete so I designed these mini vocab flaps which my son completed.


My 2 year old daughter, Zeynab practised writing the number four with a starfish-themed tracer page.

The kids all worked together to complete the worksheet activities.

To finish, we watched a few videos on Youtube about starfish:


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