Jellyfish Lapbook and Unit Study


As part of our Oceans Unit Study last year, the kids worked together to complete this Jellyfish lapbook. After a busy year and a new addition to our family I have just got around to putting the lapbook together.

You can download the templates and activities by clicking on the links below:

This is how the lapbook looks when folded out:




My daughter, Samira did some research about the Box Jellyfish, one of the most venomous creatures on Earth.


My son, Yusef did some research and recorded general facts about Jellyfish.


We watch some videos on Youtube that explained the Lifecycle of the Jellyfish:

My seven year old daughter, Amina completed this Jellyfish Lifecycle Diagram, colouring the four main stages and then writing small annotations to explain each stage.


Samira then completed these flaps with information and diagrams about the Jellyfish Lifecycle.


This is the anatomy diagram which we discussed and then labelled with annotations.


Amina also wrote about how Jellyfish propel themselves through the water.


Basma, my six year old completed this shutter book which shows the parts of the body that Jellyfish do have and those that it doesn’t.


For more Jellyfish activities, why not check out our:


3 comments on “Jellyfish Lapbook and Unit Study

  1. Thank you so much! You provide so much useful information. Your own children’s work is so impressive. My 4 year old wanted to study jellyfish next week and your worksheets will be invaluable. Thank you again for such a well thought-out website! I love the diversity of home education resources that come out of the UK. Incidentally, my husband is English and my kids are dual citizens. Take care!

    • Hi Shannon, thank you for your lovely comment and your positive feedback. It means a lot because it helps me to know where to improve and what resources work well for others. Hope you guys have fun making your lapbook 🙂

  2. This is a lovely lapbook, and I have found several of your other lapbooks to be very well done.

    Were there any other activities that you completed while studying jellyfish? Actually, specifically, we will be talking about Cnidaria and I would love to hear if you have any great hands-on activity suggestions for us.

    Again, many thanks for your beautiful lapbooks, and for making them available for free.

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