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Garden Bird Project


My daughter Samira has developed a keen interest in British wildlife and in particular British birds.

Recently, nanny and grandad gave her a copy of the RSPB Pocket Guide to British Birds and took her along with her siblings down to Caversham river to do some bird spotting. They were fortunate enough to spot a heron and some cormorants.


Samira regularly visits the RSPB Website to read the news and updates as well as do her research on British birds and she recently signed up for the Big Garden Bird Watch. We ordered the family pack to take part between 24th and 25th January 2015.


Included in the pack is the leaflet to spot and check off the various garden bird species as well as lots of fun activities for the kids. During the week we also plan to make our own pine cone bird feeders.



As an extension of the Bird Watch Project, Samira will also be making a Garden Bird Lapbook and Project Folder using some of these free templates.


***UPDATE*** Here is how the lapbook is coming along. We are using sheets of A4 card, hole-punching them and then holding them together with string. Samira is creating double page spreads for each species.
This is a double page spread about songbird anatomy. Samira traced the images and then shaded and lebelled them before writing a passage about bird feathers.


This is a double page spread about Blue tits that Samira created using an assortment of lapbook templates.


On these pages Samira wrote about how she made pine cone feeders and she included the photos I took as she made them. The second page lists the birds we will be hoping to spot in the ‘Big Garden Bird Watch’ and Samira has set them out to show which species are hanging feeders and which birds like to feed on the ground.


She also wrote a letter to our neighbours inviting them to take part in the bird watch. She included a bird watch form and a list of the species the RSPB are asking bird spotters to look out for.



I have designed some Garden Bird Notebooking Pages for my 6 and 7 year olds to do a bit of their own research about garden birds.


If you would like activities for pre-schoolers then why not check out these activity packs


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