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Jellyfish Paper Plate Craft


We have recently been reviewing, adding to and finishing off some of our Oceans activities and lapbooks before starting our new unit study on Rainforests.

I’m down with flu at the moment, alhamdulillah, so I’ve decided to hold off from starting a new topic until I get better inshaa’Allah. Instead we started the week reviewing our Jellyfish Lapbook and then my girls decided to make paper plate jellyfish.

Paper plate crafts are simple and inexpensive. I always keep a supply of paper plates and tissue/crepe paper in our art drawers for times like this. You can pick up these items from most pound shops and discount stores.

First chop off the bottom of the plate to give it more of a dome shape. This will be the jellyfish bell.


I prepared an assortment of coloured poster paint and chopped up a sponge and the kids got to work.



Today, after the paint was dry, the girls cut strips of coloured tissue/crepe paper and glued them on as tentacles.


I have also been starting to introduce letters and phonics to my nearly three year old, Zeynab. While we were on the topic of jellyfish I introduced the letter ‘J’ with this ‘J for Jellyfish’ tracer worksheet.


For more easy and fun paper plate crafts why not check out our:


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