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Dogs Lapbook & Unit Study

Animals in the Qur’an Notebook Pages (DOG)My 6 year old daughter, Basma has been fascinated with dogs ever since we met a dog called Sasha at our local pet store charity appeal. She kept telling me that she wanted to make a lapbook all about dogs so for the last few weeks I have been […]

Brazil Lapbook

As part of our unit study on Rainforests I decided to include some studies on countries of South America. Our main focus will be on Brazil since the Rainforest covers more than 50% of Brazil. I was really disappointed with the Brazil Lapbook Templates I found online, so I decided to make my own. You […]

Garden Bird Notebooking Pages

As part of our Garden Birds Project I have been designing some notebook pages this afternoon for my 6 and 7 year olds, Basma and Amina. These pages are simple and allow the kids to do a bit of their own research about individual garden birds. As I have only just started designing these pages […]

Pine Cone Bird Feeder

As part of our Garden Birds Project, Samira has been making some pine cone bird feeders to help attract birds to our garden ready for the ‘Big Garden Bird Watch’ this weekend. They are really easy and fun to make. All you need are some pine cones, some peanut butter and some seed mix. First, […]

Jellyfish Lapbook and Unit Study

As part of our Oceans Unit Study last year, the kids worked together to complete this Jellyfish lapbook. After a busy year and a new addition to our family I have just got around to putting the lapbook together. You can download the templates and activities by clicking on the links below: Jellyfish Lapbook Templates […]

Garden Bird Project

My daughter Samira has developed a keen interest in British wildlife and in particular British birds. Recently, nanny and grandad gave her a copy of the RSPB Pocket Guide to British Birds and took her along with her siblings down to Caversham river to do some bird spotting. They were fortunate enough to spot a heron and […]

Jellyfish Paper Plate Craft

We have recently been reviewing, adding to and finishing off some of our Oceans activities and lapbooks before starting our new unit study on Rainforests. I’m down with flu at the moment, alhamdulillah, so I’ve decided to hold off from starting a new topic until I get better inshaa’Allah. Instead we started the week reviewing our Jellyfish […]