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Sea Turtles Lapbook


At the beginning of the year we started a huge and detailed unit study on Oceans.

We have made a lot of lapbooks and notebooks on this subject, many of which are available to view and download from the Oceans Section of my blog.

Some of the lapbooks we completed together as a group with different parts completed by each of my children according to their level and ability, while others were completed individually.

This Sea Turtles Lapbook was completed by my 7 year old daughter Amina and her 6 year old sister, Basma. You can find the templates for this lapbook  HERE.


I’ve recently returned to blogging after giving birth to my daughter, Nouara, who is now 7 weeks old, mashaa’Allah and I have a huge amount to catch up on. I will be sharing all the photos of this lapbook in the coming days inshaa’Allah.

A few weeks ago while we were reviewing some of our ocean studies my eldest daughter was telling us all about a sea turtle called Mavis who had been rescued by the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Florida.

She then went on to ask if she could have half a walnut shell and after a couple of minutes she presented us with this cute little craft piece while informing us that the average size of a sea turtle hatching is actually the size of a walnut, mashaa’Allah.


This is what the lapbook looks like when opened out:


Amina completed this map showing the distribution of the seven species of sea turtles.


She also did her own research from books to complete this Sea Turtles Notebook Page.


Basma completed these fact flaps and vocabulary cards.




Amina wrote about how turtles get their shells clean and also about the shell’s countershading that provides some camouflage for the turtle.



We were recently reviewing this lapbook and my 6 year old daughter Basma made a poster page showing the lifecycle of the turtle in her own words. We decided to stick it to the back of the lapbook.



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