Taraweeh and Masjid Puzzle


Today is the 15th Ramadhan 1435 and as part of our Ramadhan Activities we have been learning about Taraweeh.

We started off this morning by reading through and discussing some of the articles and statements of the scholars regarding Taraweeh, its number of rakaah, and how it should be performed. This article from Shaykh al-Albaanee was very beneficial, titled: The Night Prayer in Ramadan Explained.

My son then wrote some notes from what he had learned into his Ramadhan Notebook while my daughter did the same in her TJ Ramadan Copywork Notebook.



She then completed this page on the Qiyam al Layl from the Ramadan Notebooking Pages by A Muslim Homeschool.


My seven year old daughter completed this page on the Qiyaam al Layl from the ‘Welcome Ramadan’ Workbook by A Muslim Homeschool.


A few years back, when my kids were younger, they did this Taraweeh Prayer Rug Craft from TJ Ramadan. This year my six year old used a page from the ‘Welcome Ramadan’ Workbook to do a similar craft.


We briefly reviewed our lesson on Suhoor and Imsaak and my son wrote up another page from his Ramadhan Notebook about why taking Suhoor is important in ensuring we differ from the People of the Book.


When the kids all sit down to do their writing my two year old, Zeynab always joins us demanding to ‘do school stuff’. So today I downloaded this cute Masjid Jigsaw Puzzle from Umm Abdul Basir’s Creative Corner (it’s part of the ‘Under the Ramadan Moon’ Totbook).


We worked together to colour it *smile* and then I cut out and laminated the pieces for her.


At first she was becoming frustrated as the pieces slid around and wouldn’t stay in position as she fit them together, so I decided to get out the Velcro dots … perfect!




2 comments on “Taraweeh and Masjid Puzzle

  1. MashaAllah
    Well thought out activities for each day, covering a whole range of subjects.
    InshaAllah will give the jigsaw a go with my nearly two yr old
    jazakillAllah khairan

  2. Mashaa Allah Very hardwork,

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