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Ramadhan Through History


Today is the 14th Ramadhan 1435 and as part of our Ramadhan Activities we have been working together on Ramadhan History Timeline.

We started off this morning by looking through the book ‘When the Moon Split’ to find as many Islamic historical events that took place during the month of Ramadhan.


We listed the dates and the details of the event before making a printable file to produce our timeline. You can download the file for this timeline HERE. We used this article to add the additional events that occurred a century or more after the Hijrah but I cannot vouch one hundred percent for the finer details, you may wish to do your own additional research inshaa’Allah.


The timeline stretches across the length of 4 A3 size sheets of card. *** I realise I have miss-spelt ‘occurred’ in the title of our timeline, but the file has been corrected before uploading ***

We divided the first part of the time line, before and immediately after the Hijrah, into individual years up until 50AH. After that, the timeline goes up in decades until the first century after Hijrah. After that it goes up in centuries until the time of the Crusades.




Many major events took place in Ramadhan during the first 10 years after Hijrah.


After completing the Timeline, the kids completed this reading comprehension activity on the History Behind Fasting in Ramdhan.



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  1. jazakAllahukhairn sister.

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