Maths, Islamic Geometry and Zakatul Fitr


Today is the 10th Ramadhan 1435 and as part of our Ramadhan Activities we have been doing some Ramadhan-themed maths and learning about Islamic Geometry and Zakatul Fitr.

We started the day with some clever line designs which my 3 eldest girls coloured with rainbow colours while my son coloured a design featuring Surah al-Fatihah. You can download these pages and other styles HERE.



I stuck the finished designs onto black card.



Then we displayed them on the wall.


After that the kids read about Islamic Geometric Patterns before colouring some of their own.

At the same time my 2 year old joined us in the lesson. I cut out some coloured shapes for her and she practised placing them down on the template. Mashaa’Allah I was very impressed, she new straight away what to do without needing me to explain to her.



After playing around with the shapes for a while I let her glue them down, which she also did independently, this being the first time she has ever used a glue stick by herself. You can get this printable template HERE.



In the afternoon we read through some ahadeeth and fataawa and had a discussion about Zakaatul Fitr. We learned the meaning of the Arabic terms: ‘mudd’ and ‘saa’ and we practised calculating Zakaatul Fitr using this Zakaat Maths Activity from Umm Abdul Basir.


We then calculated how many saa’ our family must give and how many amdadd (mudd’ plural) we each must give and how many amdadd altogether.



Then my 9 year old did a quick review on how to calculate averages with this Ramadan- themed workbook on Averages by TJ Ramadan.



To finish off my son wrote about Zakaatul Fitr and its rulings as part of his Ramadhan Notebooking.



3 comments on “Maths, Islamic Geometry and Zakatul Fitr

  1. Masha Allah well done to your 2 yr old:))
    And to the others excellent work on zakat and islamic patternsx

  2. Assalamoalaikum
    Allah protect your children.

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