Ramadhan Board Game


Today is the 8th Ramadhan 1435 and as part of our Ramadhan Activities we have been putting together this Ramadan Board Game from Umm Abdul Basir.

The kids have been working hard for 7 days straight, mashaa’Allah so I thought we’d have a fun day today. I downloaded this board game about 4 years ago but never got round to making it until now! I printed out the templates last night and today the kids worked together to colour code the game board and colour the question cards.

The idea of the game is easy enough to understand – the players use the spinner to move a number of spaces around the board, they must follow the instructions for each square they land, picking up the corresponding question card (Fasting Card, Qur’an Card, Good Deed Card). If they answer the question correctly they can award themselves the number of points shown under the question. The card is then returned to the bottom of the pile and play continues to the next player.

We decided that there can be two ways to end the game: the game ends when one person reaches the finishes and then every counts their points and the one with the most points wins; or the game ends when everyone reaches the finish and everyone counts their points and the one with the most points is the winner.

There are 5 playing pieces available and a blank piece is available to print for additional player.


These are the Qur’an Cards. On the reverse is a question which must be answered correctly to earn the points shown.


These are the Fasting Cards which focus on Ramadhan-related questions.


These are the Good Deed Cards which are really bonus points to be  earned. They teach children examples of Good Deeds.




2 comments on “Ramadhan Board Game

  1. Reblogged this on Tembus Langitmu and commented:
    Masya Allah, nice game! Should try this for kids 😀

  2. AA sister Imann, whenever I try to download any of the material on the right side of the page, it shows up as adobe cloud website. Do I need to download that to get the printable versions of your material such as A to Z of Akhlaq

    Neelofer Sohail

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