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The Command to Fast


Today is the 2nd Ramadhan 1435 and as part of our Ramadhan Activities we have been learning about the Command and Obligation to Fast the Month of Ramadhan.

We started off this morning by reviewing the names of the Islamic Months and completed some activities from the TJ Ramadan’s Interactive Notebook.


My daughter, Samira also completed the second page from her TJ Ramadhan Copy Work, writing about why fasting is a screen/shield/protection.


This afternoon we learned in detail about the Command to Fast and its obligation. Alhamdulillah, my book order from Sunnah BookStore arrived this morning and my son, Yusef, used this fantastic book ‘Sittings During the Blessed Month of Ramadan’ by Shaykh Uthaymeen (rahimahullah) to help complete his Ramadhan Notebooking page. He read from the 2nd Sitting regarding the Command and Obligation to Fast.


Samira completed a couple of pages about fasting using the Ramadan Notebooking Pages by A Muslim Homeschool.


Then they both completed a set of Worksheets of Fasting in Ramadaan by Salafy Ink. Then they made a circle flap book on the Command to Fast and stuck it down on the relevant page of their TJ Ramadan Interactive Notebook before copying out the ayat from Surah Al Baqarah 2:183-185.

My 7 year old, Amina also completed some workbook pages, learning about some of the things that can break the fast as well as making her own little circle book about the command to fast. She is using the:




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