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Moon Phases File Folder


Today is the 30th Sha’baan 1435  and we are kicking off our Ramadhan Activities with some lessons on Moon Phases.


No matter how organised I may appear to be I always seem to be very last minute with many of my ideas. I put together a Moon Phase File Folder game for my 6 and 7 year old girls, Basma and Amina. You can download the PDF file for this activity HERE.

I laminated and cut out the moon phase cards and attached a velcro dot to the back of each.


I used a sheet of A3 card, folded inwards to form an A4 size shutter book. On the outer flaps are velcro dots and 4 phase cards can be attached to either side. In the centre I glued down the sequence sheet and attached a velcro dot to each.


We reviewed the names of the phases and their sequence.


Then my girls practised sticking the cards down in the correct order.


At the same time, my eldest two have been reviewing the phases of the Moon using TJ Ramadan’s Interactive Notebook. They have also been memorising the du’aa for sighting the new moon in preparation for this evening.



And starting this evening inshaa’Allah, all my children will be completing their Moon Phase Charts. You can download a Ramadan Moon Phase chart HERE.



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