Ramadhan: Countdown to Eid (Hadith Balloons)


Subhan’Allah! Ramadhan is almost here!!

Time has flown and I have been busy printing and preparing our daily lessons from our Ramadhan Curriculum and 30 Days of Activities.

Every year we also like to do a fun activity to countdown the days of Ramadhan until Eid. We used to use the chocolate ‘Advent’ calendars that they sell in the supermarkets but we have decided against that since they are really an imitation of the Christian/Pagan practises. We have also done the pocket calendar with a good deed for each day hidden inside. And last year my younger girls made a colourful paper chain and tore off one link each day until Eid.

This year, now that the kids are that bit older, I have decided to have an educational, as well as a fun countdown activity.

I bought some balloons today and some small chocolates and sweets. I will blow up a balloon each evening and write the day number, i.e. Ramadan 1, Ramadan 2, Ramadan 3 … on each balloon and fill them with some sweets my children.

I have also printed off the Ramadan Ayat and Ahadith copy work pages from TJ Ramadan. I have cut out all 30 ayat and ahadith and I will roll up one to put inside each balloon. Then every day we will pop one balloon, the children can share the sweets and we will discuss the ayah or hadith inshaa’Allah.

Simple and Fun!


3 comments on “Ramadhan: Countdown to Eid (Hadith Balloons)

  1. Mashallah that’s a wonderful idea!!

  2. Ur so creative.. Mashallah. Nvr thought theres smtg to make the kids enjoy ramadhan!

  3. This is such a wonderful idea. Jazak Allahu Khairan for sharing.

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