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Names of Allah Tree


Alhamdulillah! Yesterday we had a very productive day doing a bit of art and crafts for a change.

I was browsing for Islamic art project ideas recently when I came across this awesome idea from Karima’s Crafts – a Names of Allah Tree. I thought it was such a wonderful idea which is why I blogged about it recently.

It isn’t a difficult project and it doesn’t require a lot of materials, mashaa’Allah. Sister Karima has even made available various printables featuring the Names of Allah in either English or Arabic (or blank to design your own) on leaf-shaped templates.

I decided to make this project with my girls to keep as a constant visual reminder as we learn one Name of Allah each day. I designed my own Names of Allah leaves so that both Arabic and English transliteration featured on each leaf. I also included the well known hadith regarding counting (learning, knowing and understanding) Allah’s Names as a means to attaining Paradise.

You can download these printables by clicking on the links below:

We made our wall art by first taping together 6 sheets of white A3 paper and then bordering with glittery gold border strips.

For the trunk of the tree, I cut out a trunk shape from a piece of card. My girls then covered it in a piece of golden crinkled crepe paper to give the effect of bark. After that they mixed together some pva glue and gold glitter to brush onto the trunk to make it sparkle … it’s a girl thing *smile*.


After printing the Name leaves we were undecided on how to colour them. My girls wanted  to mix in gold glitter with yellow paint, which we did, but unfortunately the glitter just disappeared into the paint and made the paint ‘bitty’.

They painted one set of Names with the paint but it was clear that, even after  lightening the paint, the Names on the leaves appeared too faint.

We abandoned the idea of paint and went with colouring the individual leaves with yellow, golden yellow and orange pens. In hindsight I realised we could just as easily have printed the leaves onto coloured cardstock … but the girls had fun colouring, racing each other to see who could colour the most leaves.

Lunch time left me with all the cutting out and by the afternoon the girls were helping to arrange the Name leaves into a tree shape.

Although the hadith speaks of 99 Names, we know that there are more than 99 which is why our tree features a few extra leaves. You can read more about this from Writings on Parchment: Are Allah’s Names Limited to 99?

Inshaa’Allah, we have use all authentic Names which can be found with supportive evidence fom Qur’aan and Sunnah as mentioned in Shaykh Sa’dee’s Book ‘The Beautiful and Perfect Explanation of Allah’s Names’ [online PDF]


One comment on “Names of Allah Tree

  1. Asalamalikum sis this is a fantastic idea mashaAllah!!

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