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Names of Allah Unit Study


Memorising the Names and Attributes of Allah, and learning their meaning is just one small part of Tawheed of Asmaa wa Sifaat. The greater understanding lies in the principles that teach us how to correctly understand Allah’s Names and Attributes.

These are the principles that teach us how to know and relate to our Creator, how to give Him His due rights and respect and how to live our lives accordingly in order to earn His pleasure and avoid His punishment.

I have designed this unit study in a Q & A format to cover some of these major principles. You can download this unit study HERE.

The unit study includes a front cover, several pages of questions with space to answer, one additional blank page and several pages containing references, evidences and links to provide full and complete answers, inshaa’Allah.

Many of the answers to complete the unit study can be found in the links I have included in the unit study which refer to the Fataawee and Articles from the Asma-wa-Sifaat blog.

Below are some sample pages from the unit study:









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