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Guest Post: Fatima’s Names of Allah Art & Crafts

names box canvas
I recently asked on my Facebook Page if anyone would like to share their child’s work on the Names of Allah so that I could feature it on my blog to help inspire and encourage others inshaa’Allah.

Today’s wonderful work has been contributed by sister Umm Fatima who has, since last year, been following along with Creative Motivation’s ‘Learn the 99 Names of Allah’ with her eldest daughter Fatima as well as her younger children.

They have produced some beautiful work, mashaa’Allah, which is easy enough for others to recreate and incorporate into their own art & crafts sessions.

First up is this eye-catching, colourful countdown calendar. Umm Fatima has designed this squared chart to count down 99 names of Allah over a period of 99 days to the beginning of Ramadhan. She had her daughter Fatima focus on one name or attribute a day, writing the Name of Allah on the front of a coloured flap in Arabic and the English equivalent with meaning on the inside.

Countdown Calendar

Next up are these wonderful box displays, each one focusing on one Name or Attribute of Allah. Umm Fatima has designed the boxes to display information on all sides. On one side is one of the names of Allah, on another side is an image meant to reflect the name, i.e. a crown relates to Allah’s name ~ Al-Malik ~ the King and Owner of Dominion. Underneath the image is an ayah which contains the Name of Allah. On the other side of the box is a mini quiz for her children to test their knowledge and understanding of the Name or Attribute. What an amazing way to learn, beneficial to all ages, mahsaa’Allah!


Last of all, we have some beautiful box-canvas style artwork from Fatima. Each box is beautifully decorated with the Names and Attributes of Allah written in both Arabic and English.
names box canvas

Here are a few close-ups of some of Fatima’s artwork.


Al-Musawwir ~ The Fashioner

Al-Musawwir ~ The Fashioner

Al-'Azeez ~ The Mighty

Al-‘Azeez ~ The Mighty

Al-Quddoos ~ The Absolutely Pure

Al-Quddoos ~ The Absolutely Pure

Mashaa’Allah, tabarak’Allah, very well done Fatima! Keep up the good work, and may Allah bless you and reward you, ameen.

If you would like to share some of your child’s work relating to the Names and Attributes of Allah please contact me via the blog or inbox me via the Facebook Page. Please send photos of your child’s work with a brief explanation of the activity. Also include your child’s name or your kunya (unless you wish to remain anonymous).

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing and sharing your wonderful work, inshaa’Allah.


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