Names of Allah Colouring Sheets: Days 1-12


Are you following along with ‘Learn the  99 Names of Allah ~ 2014’ hosted by Creative Motivations?

Last year we took part in this project and produced Names of Allah Worksheets for older children and Names of Allah Puzzle Match cards for all ages. And this year I am making some more activities for the younger kids including Names of Allah Word Searches and these Names of Allah Colouring Sheets.




Creative Motivations is leading the countdown to Ramadhan, sharing one Name of Allah each day. Already 12 days have past since the project began so I am currently in catch-up mode.

Below you can click on the links to download the colouring pages for Names of Allah that have been shared over the last 12 days. After this I will post one colouring sheet per day inshaa’Allah.


2 comments on “Names of Allah Colouring Sheets: Days 1-12

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