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Names of Allah Colouring Sheets (Full Set)

I’m not able to get online everyday as I have a very busy schedule with my children these days so I’ve decided to upload a complete downloadable zip file of worksheets which contain 99 names of Allah. Each worksheet features one of Allah’s Names in Arabic and English transliteration with an English meaning. It also contains […]

Names of Allah Tree

Alhamdulillah! Yesterday we had a very productive day doing a bit of art and crafts for a change. I was browsing for Islamic art project ideas recently when I came across this awesome idea from Karima’s Crafts – a Names of Allah Tree. I thought it was such a wonderful idea which is why I blogged about […]

Praying on a Rug that is Decorated with Images of the Ka’bah

My two year old has recently been showing an interest in imitating us as we pray, mashaa’Allah. So I got out a children’s prayer mat for her to use which happens to have an image of Ka’bah on it … then I came across this ruling, alhamdulillah!  Praying on a rug which has a picture of the […]

Why Did Allah Create You? Lapbook

I have designed this lapbook after taking inspiration from the book “The Beneficial Elementary Principals of Tawheed, Fiqh and ‘Aqeedah” by Shaykh Yaahya Ibn ‘Ali al-Hajooree. The shaykh wrote this book for his children and its simple question and answer style is most easy for even young children to understand. I recommend every Muslim with […]

Ramadan Curriculum: 30 Days of Activities

*** UPDATED 12/05/2015 ~ The new, improved and updated curriculum can now be found at IMAN’S HOME-SCHOOL QUICK LINKS ***

Names of Allah Unit Study

Memorising the Names and Attributes of Allah, and learning their meaning is just one small part of Tawheed of Asmaa wa Sifaat. The greater understanding lies in the principles that teach us how to correctly understand Allah’s Names and Attributes. These are the principles that teach us how to know and relate to our Creator, […]

Seahorse Lapbook

This is my daughter Samira’s lapbook on Seahorses. I found the templates for this lapbook over at Homeschool Share but I also created a few extra bits and pieces. You can download this lapbook HERE This lapbook was made by taping two sheets of A3 card together side by side and then folding inwards until the […]