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Learn the 99 Names of Allah ~ 2014



The 99 Names of Allah Project has returned for 2014. This online project was started by the sister (and her support team) at Creative Motivations.

Last year it was hugely successful mashaa’Allah with the Countdown to Ramadhan event launched on Facebook and countless groups and blogs following suit learning one Name/Attribute of Allah each day through articles and lectures and having children complete worksheets, make puzzles, design art work and test their knowledge with weekly quizzes and lots more creative and inspiring activities alongside.

For my part I followed the project, taking part with my own children to learn a name a day. I also produced our 99 Names of Allah Worksheets, Names of Allah Word Searches and Names of Allah Puzzle Match Games.

And something new for the little ones … Names of Allah Colouring Sheets


I am planning to take part in the event again this year inshaa’Allah, and I encourage you to join the Creative Motivations Facebook Page and Event so that you can benefit too. Details of how to follow along are listed below:

EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/633933669987179/
GROUP: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Learn99Names/
BLOG: http://creative-motivations.com/99-names-project/

I am currently designing a 99 Names of Allah Lapbook which will be suited for children aged 9 and up which I hope to have ready in time to release for Ramadhan inshaa’Allah.

I have already been approached by sisters with younger children aged 4 or 5 years asking what activities are available to teach their children the Names of Allah. My suggestion would be that you start with the introduction of Tawheed using the mini lapbooks below. Each lapbook contains a number of the Names of Allah which can be explained simply enough for young children to understand. There will be more lapbooks to accompany this Aqeedah series coming in the next few weeks inshaa’Allah:

A correct understanding of Tawheed is the core of our Deen. One cannot truly understand Tawheed without having a sound knowledge and understanding of the Names and Attributes of the Almighty.

This event is a wonderful opportunity to increase our knowledge and improve our understanding of the Tawheed of Allah’s Names and Attributes. Along with the beneficial articles and lectures that were shared last year I also recommend the following books and articles, may Allah cause us all to benefit, ameen.



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