How Your Body Works ~ Interactive Learning


The kids are happy today because we have returned to learning about the human body – a popular topic in our house.

Grandad has signed us up to receive the How Your Body Works weekly magazine. Each issue comes with a set of plastic parts which are then assembled week by week to make a complete interactive human body model.


Because Grandad subscribed online, we get several issues in each delivery. We have the first 5 issues already and today we made a start with set 1 which includes the skull, lower jaw and two sets of teeth.

We have been learning all about teeth today as the kids assembled the first part of the model. Amina and Basma, my 5 and 6 year olds have been working on their Human Body Lapbook while Yusef and Samira, aged 9 and 10 have been completing their Human Body Notebooking Pages all about teeth.





Issue One of the magazine focuses on bones and joints so we will be continuing this week learning about these parts of the body.


3 comments on “How Your Body Works ~ Interactive Learning

  1. Ah my Mum signed up to this for the kids! after months and months not knowing what to do with all the pieces…..We’ve put all the “body bits” into a large box! Easy to pick out and put away!
    Will be interested to see how you guys work with this inshaAllah!

  2. I have the same collection and it is wonderful (a little costly but worth it because it will be an educational tool for many years to come) MY KIds are only 2 and 4 but never too young to learn about Allahs trully miraculous creation!

  3. Is this available from in Canada?

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