Ancient Egypt Notebook Pages


Last year I discovered notebooking and after introducing some small projects to my older two children, we found out that notebooking is the best way to present our history projects.

I started to design our World History Timeline Notebooking Pages focusing on Ancient Times and as an off-shoot of those pages I also designed a more in depth set of Ancient Rome Notebook Pages.

Another popular time period in ancient history is the time of the Ancient Egyptians. My children have already completed their Ancient Egypt Lapbooks but my daughter Samira really loves notebooking so I’m sure it won’t be long before she makes a start on this new set of pages.

I have designed this set of 50 illustrated page covering all areas of Ancient Egyptian life. You can download these pages HERE.


One of the best books available for information on Ancient Egypt is ‘1000 Facts on Ancient Egypt’. I purchased a copy from Amazon.

Here are some samples of the pages in this set:










4 comments on “Ancient Egypt Notebook Pages

  1. Jazakillahu khair, my daughter is reading up on ancient egypt and is very excited about starting her notebooking pages.

  2. […] definir os “assuntos” a serem pesquisados. Para os assuntos, aproveitamos o projeto de notebook sobre o Antigo Egito encontrando no blog Iman’s […]

  3. These notebooking pages look great. Thank you so much for your generosity! Unfortunately, although I can view them, via the link on your blog, google will not let me download or print them (it says there are too many redirects). Do you have any advice? Thank you! Cathy

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