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Names & Attributes of Allah Wordsearch (1)

If you have been following my recent postings you will know that Creative Motivations have launched Learn 99 Names of Allah ~ 2014. Last year was a huge success, mashaa’Allah, and so many additional projects, ideas and activities were stemmed from that inspirational project. Last year I managed to contribute to the project by producing […]

Learn the 99 Names of Allah ~ 2014

Alhamdulillah! The 99 Names of Allah Project has returned for 2014. This online project was started by the sister (and her support team) at Creative Motivations. Last year it was hugely successful mashaa’Allah with the Countdown to Ramadhan event launched on Facebook and countless groups and blogs following suit learning one Name/Attribute of Allah each day through articles […]

Belief in the Angels Lapbook

As part of our studies on the Pillars of Eemaan (Belief) I have designed this lapbook on the Angels which can be completed in conjunction with the book ‘Knowing the Angels’ by Muhammad al-Jibaly.  You can download the templates for this lapbook HERE. This book is from a set of six from the ‘Eemaan’ series. […]

Orcas (Killer Whale) Lapbook

After taking some time out to focus on other subjects of interest we are now back on track with our Oceans Project. My daughter Samira has been working on this Orcas Lapbook. You can preview and download the files and unit study information for this lapbook HERE. Samira loves everything to do with whales and dolphins […]

How Your Body Works ~ Interactive Learning

The kids are happy today because we have returned to learning about the human body – a popular topic in our house. Grandad has signed us up to receive the How Your Body Works weekly magazine. Each issue comes with a set of plastic parts which are then assembled week by week to make a complete […]

Rainforest Notebooking Pages

We’ve recently had our annual visit from the Elective Home Education Advisory Teacher and after receiving a glowing report, mashaa’Allah I decided the kids and I would take the week off this week – a well deserved break, especially since we have worked right through the winter and half-term holidays. This has given me time […]

Ancient Egypt Notebook Pages

Last year I discovered notebooking and after introducing some small projects to my older two children, we found out that notebooking is the best way to present our history projects. I started to design our World History Timeline Notebooking Pages focusing on Ancient Times and as an off-shoot of those pages I also designed a more in […]