The Ten Promised Jannah


I was asked recently if I had any notebooking pages to share on the Sahaaba – the Companions of the Prophet, sall’Allahu alayhi wasalam. I have been designing some sets of pages over the last few weeks.

Today I am making available this set of pages on the Ten Companions Who were Given the Glad Tidings of Paradise, may Allah be please with them all. You can view and download this set of 12 pages HERE. It includes one front cover, ten titled pages and one additional blank page.


I recommend using this wonderful book by Darussalam alongside these pages: ‘The Precious Pearls: the Ten Companions Who were Given the Glad Tidings of Paradise’




5 comments on “The Ten Promised Jannah

  1. Jazak Allahu khair for sharing…

  2. Assaalam alaykum dear Sister Imaan. Your work is amazing! Masha Allah. I would like to use some of it for my children whom I am homeschooling. I find that some of your work cannot be opened and I get redirected to an Adobe website informing me to buy Acrobat. Please advice me on this. Thank you and May Allah SWT bless you for all that you are sharing and have done for our Ummah. Salam K

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