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Pirates Notebooking Pages


At present we are learning all about Oceans. Recently, Yusef and Samira completed their Oceans & Oceanography Lapbook and now all four kids are working together on the various other lapbooks on Ocean Animals including an Orcas Lapbook, Octopus Lapbook and Crustaceans Lapbook. We also have plans to make:

  • Seahorse Lapbook
  • Sea Turtle Lapbook
  • Jelly Fish Lapbook
  • Whale Lapbook
  • Orcas Lapbook
  • Manatees Lapbook
  • Sea Birds Lapbook
  • Starfish Lapbook
  • Coral Reef Lapbook and Collage
  • Ocean Diorama
  • Pirates Lapbook

I thought it would be a good idea to tie in a history subject with our Oceans Project. I gave the kids the choice between Pirates and Vikings and they chose Pirates, so last night I designed these Pirate Notebooking Pages which you can download HERE.

They are a set of 25 titled and illustrated pages plus some additional blank pages. I used the ‘100 Facts About Pirates’ by Miles Kelly Publishing as a guide for making these pages.







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