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The Ten Promised Jannah

I was asked recently if I had any notebooking pages to share on the Sahaaba – the Companions of the Prophet, sall’Allahu alayhi wasalam. I have been designing some sets of pages over the last few weeks. Today I am making available this set of pages on the Ten Companions Who were Given the Glad […]

Thalaathatul Usool Notebook Pages

Thalaathatul Usool – The Three Fundamental Principles – is a book that must grace every Islamic bookshelf. It is an essay from the noble Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhab, rahimahullah written to convey to every Muslim the knowledge which is obligatory upon each and every one of us. Knowledge of these principles should be at the foremost of […]

Pirates Notebooking Pages

At present we are learning all about Oceans. Recently, Yusef and Samira completed their Oceans & Oceanography Lapbook and now all four kids are working together on the various other lapbooks on Ocean Animals including an Orcas Lapbook, Octopus Lapbook and Crustaceans Lapbook. We also have plans to make: Seahorse Lapbook Sea Turtle Lapbook Jelly Fish […]

Charity Lapbook

For the last few days we have been focusing on the concept of charity in Islam. I recently designed this lapbook and my children worked together to complete it. You can download the templates for this lapbook HERE. This lapbook is made using two sheets of A3 card taped side by side and then fold […]

Oceans Lapbook

I designed this Oceanography lapbook last November and recently my ten year old son and nine year old daughter completed it together as part of our unit study on oceans. You can preview and download the templates for this lapbook HERE. The download includes a list of recommended books and useful links and diagrams to help complete […]

Helpfulness Lapbook

As part of our Weekly Theme Calendar (which often turns into theme of the fortnight) we focus on character traits and virtues. Recently we had been focusing on ‘Helpfulness’ for which I designed this lapbook for my daughter, Amina to work on. If you like this lapbook you can download the templates by clicking on the links […]