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Phonics (Digraphs) Lapbook


To help my younger two girls review phonics and practise their spelling, I designed some Phonics Lapbooks and worksheets.

I designed this set of lapbook elements and worksheets to complete this Lapbook on Digraphs. This lapbook covers 8 common digraphs: ch, sh, th, ph, qu, kn, wh and wr. I have made all the printables free to download from the Digraphs Section.
You can download all the templates and worksheets for this lapbook HERE.


I made the lapbook by folding a sheet of A3 card in half and gluing down the foldable elements, one for each sound, inside, four per side. This is how it looks when opened.


There is a foldable for each digraph with six flaps on each. On the front of the flap is an image and my girls cut out the words and pasted them down under the correct flaps.



After completing the lapbook element, my girls then went on to complete the worksheets for each sound.




To review we would then play our magnetic “Fish ‘N’ Spell” game to further reinforce spelling and word recognition. I bought this game from Amazon and I highly recommend it. The kids have fun and they are learning without even realising.


I put all their worksheets into display pocket folders so that they can look at them anytime to remind themselves of what they have been learning.




I have also designed worksheets for a Diphthongs Lapbook covering a further eight sounds. You will find the free pages under the Diphthongs Section.

For the early learners, you could start with this First Phonics File Folder Game.


One comment on “Phonics (Digraphs) Lapbook

  1. Thank you so much for all the work you put into these lap book lessons! I have been searching for something more than just cut and paste digraph worksheets and I found your blog! I cannot begin to thank you enough for sharing your time and talent with other homeschooling moms!

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