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Electricity & Circuits Worksheets

I am just starting to teach my younger girls about electricity and circuits. I was looking through my files and I came across some of the worksheets I created 5 years ago for my son. They are a basic introduction to electricity, simple components and circuits. We are using them along with our John Adam’s Hot […]

Prophet Muhammad Lapbook (Madinah Period)

It has been three years since I first designed our Prophet Muhammad Lapbook (Makkan Period). At the time I had been disappointed at the lack of resources available for teaching the Seerah and after being unable to find anything sufficient I decided to design my own lapbook. My son, Yusef, completed the lapbook back in the […]

Tiger Lapbook

Last year we did a unit study on India. My son made an India Lapbook and we did some arts and crafts and cooking as well as watching some interesting documentaries on life in India’s slums and Tiger conservation. At the time my daughter, Samira really wanted to make a lapbook about Tigers but I couldn’t find a […]