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Diphthongs Lapbook and Worksheets ~ OA


This afternoon I put together this set of pages to teach the ‘oa’ sound. This set includes one lapbook element and 7 worksheets which you can download HERE.


I have designed other sets of pages for the following sounds: ee, ea, ai, oo, and ou and I am currently working on sets of worksheets for the sounds: ue and ow. You can download more activities and lapbooks from the Phonics Section including the Digraphs Lapbook covering the sounds: ch, sh, th, qu, wh, wr, kn and ph.



One comment on “Diphthongs Lapbook and Worksheets ~ OA

  1. Assalamu Alaikum
    baraka Allah fiki sister for your amazing effort to educate our children I use your worksheet and ideas in our Islamic school, wish if you could prepare Islamic worksheet for 5 pillars of Islam and the pillars of faith as in what you have prepared in Diphthongs worksheets; eg the road to Jannah I liked it very much.
    may Allah swt accepts all deeds.

    Ameena Saleem

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