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Animals in the Qur’an Notebook Pages ~ Frog

Frog LapbookI recently put together this set of notebook pages on the Frog which you can download HERE. Frogs are mentioned only once in the Qur’an in Surah Al A’raaf 7:133 as part of the punishment descended upon Egypt due to the rebellion, defiance and tyranny of Fir’awn (Pharoah) and his people. You can read the tafsir […]

Polar Animals Lapbook

Last year we did a number of projects on the Polar Regions (Arctic and Antarctic) but we never got round to completing this Polar Animals lapbook. I decided to save it to review this year and we made it a project for all of the children to work on together. The projects we did last year […]

MATHS NOTEBOOKING: Arithmetic Guide Sheets

I have recently been designing some Maths Notebooking Pages to help my kids review their maths studies over the past year. You can download the Arithmetic Guide Sheets HERE. My older two children, aged 9 and 10 years are using these pages to show their understanding of various areas of arithmetic. They are using them to […]

Animals in the Qur’an Notebook Pages ~ Fly

It’s been quite a while since I last posted a set of Animals in the Qur’an Notebook Pages, so yesterday I put together a set of pages on the Fly which you can download HERE. I have included the ayah from Surah Hajj which mentions the Parable of a Fly. I recommend reading the tafsir […]

Wudhu Lapbook

I made a Wudhu Lapbook with my daughter Samira a few years ago after finding some lovely free templates on Umm Abdul Basir’s Blog. And recently I created a few extras to make lapbooks with my daughters Amina (6yrs) and Basma (5yrs) and some local sisters and their children in our Saturday Lapbooking sessions. You can […]

MATHS NOTEBOOKING: Percentages and Conversions Notebook Guide Pages

I recently shared my Fractions and Decimals Notebooking Pages and I have finally finished these notebook pages on Percentages and Conversions. You can download all four sets HERE. My children are using these notebook pages to review what they have covered in their Galore Park Maths Textbooks. We are also using the worked examples from Maths is Fun. […]

English Grammar Notebooking Pages

For the past few weeks I have been designing English and Maths Notebooking Pages to help my children review what they have been learning over the past 2-3 years. Notebooking is the new trend in our house, mashaa’Allah. My children have been using the Galore Park textbooks for Maths and English, and now we are […]