MATHS NOTEBOOKING: Fractions & Decimals Notebook Guide Pages


My latest notebooking designs relate to every mathematical … I am trying to overcome my own fear of maths by doing all I can to make it enjoyable for my own children.

I recently came across a website called Maths is Fun which presents maths in a way that is easy to understand. It is full of fantastic pages showing step by step definitions and formulas and it inspired me to make similar guide pages for my children to put in their Maths Notebooks.

If you unsure what I mean by guide sheets then check out some examples of our Geometry Notebook Guide Sheets.

The idea is for the student to complete the guide sheet themselves with definitions, formulas and examples. They then place this guide sheet at the start of each section of their notebook to show their understanding and refer back to as a guide in helping them complete their worksheets and exercises.

At the start of the section is a guide sheet to be completed first followed by worksheets with practise exercises which I download from Super Teacher Worksheets.








Below are some examples of the Fraction Guide Sheets



Below are some examples of the Decimals Guide Sheets





I am currently designing a set of guide pages relating to percentages and then to complete this unit I will design pages on conversions and relationships between Decimals, Fractions and Percentages.

If you would like the Decimals and Fractions Guide Sheets, you can download them HEREI will share the Percentages pages soon inshaa’Allah.


3 comments on “MATHS NOTEBOOKING: Fractions & Decimals Notebook Guide Pages

  1. May Allah reward you for everything you do! Greatly appreciated

  2. Assalamualaikum sister,
    jazakallah khair for sharing your work and may Allah reward you.

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