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MATHS NOTEBOOKING: Geometry Notebook Guide Pages


I have started designing Maths Notebook Pages for my children. We are using these notebooks as a means of reviewing and presenting their studies over the past year. These pages are designed to be completed by students who are able to make their own notes to show their understanding of specific mathematic rules and definitions relating to Geometry.

You can download a set of 14 Geometry Notebook Pages HERE.

These are some sample pages from the Geometry Notebook.


Geo2My children complete the guide page, filling them in with definitions and examples. A nice website for children to learn simple definitions and examples is the MATHS IS FUN Website.


After completing the guide page my children use what they have learned of the definitions and apply that to complete worksheets. We get our worksheets from Super Teacher Worksheets. Below you can see samples of the completed guide pages followed by worksheets.


Defining Polygons


Drawing Polygons using Co-ordinates


Types of Triangles


Recognising Types of Triangles


Defining Angles


Recognising Types of Angles


How to use a Protractor


Measuring Angles with a Protractor


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