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Roman Numerals Lapbook


To round off our unit study on Ancient Rome the kids did a Maths Lapbook on Roman Numerals. At first they seemed a bit put off as it was a little confusing for them working out the rules on how to read and write the Roman Numerals (even I needed to brush up on this), but once we got the hang of it, we started enjoying making the numbers.

You can download the templates for this lapbook HERE.

This is how the lapbook opens out.



Samira completed this vocabulary flap to help us understand some of the terms we would be using when learning about Roman Numerals.


Yusef wrote out the letters that represent the Roman Numerals and their values.


Samira wrote about some of the ways we use Roman Numerals today.


Yusef wrote out the three rules on how to read and write Roman Numerals with examples.



We completed this lapbook over two days. To wind down the first session, the kids did a Roman Numerals colouring sheet each.


The next day they completed some Roman Numeral worksheets which were then pasted down inside the lapbook.



They also took turns writing the numerals from 1-50 and then continued in tens to 100. After that they completed a hundred chart using Roman Numerals.



On the reverse of the lapbook is a cut out showing the rules of Roman Numerals plus an example.


If you’d like more Ancient Rome activities, why not check out our:


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