Seerah Colouring Book


I have compiled this 15 page reading and colouring book for pre-schoolers to introduce them to the Seerah and the mission of the Messenger of Allah, sall’Allahu alayhi wasalam.

It’s quite basic and not too detailed, suitable for little students of knowledge inshaa’Allah. If you like this colouring book, you can view all the pages and download them HERE.



If you would like more seerah based activities for older students then why not check out our:


9 comments on “Seerah Colouring Book

  1. jazak Allah khayr sister , may Allah the Allmighty shower you with his blessing for all your hard work , I really loved the seerah papers and I will bi idni Allah print them tomorrow morning inshaAllah for my 4 years old daughter to learn about our beloved prophet peace and blessing be upon him. thank you sister xx

  2. BarakAllahu feeki sister, inshaaAllah your daughter will enjoy them and benefit too xx

  3. jazakallah khair. really nice colouring book. may allah reward you for your hard works, ameen

  4. Assalamu alaikum sister, jazak Allahu khair for this lovely book, may Allah reward you for your effort, ameen

  5. Subhanallah tabarakallah…

  6. JazakAllahu khayrun. I have been looking like for something like this to introduce my 3.5 Y.O. to Seerah. I thought I was going to have to make it myself! SO thank you for making such a lovely colouring book and sharing it with us all. My Allah reward you

  7. Salam sister and everyone who created this web page, Jazakallah Khair may Allah swt reward you for all your time and hard work which you put to spread the knowledge of Islam 🙂 Barakallahu Fik.

  8. Jazaky Allah Khayran for your great effort 🙂

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