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Trees Lapbook


We have been tying up the loose ends of our Botany Project over the last two weeks and I have finally gotten around to sorting out the photos of Yusef and Samira’s Trees Lapbook. They also completed a Botany Lapbook which I will share with you next week inshaa’Allah.

I found the templates for this lapbook on Homeschool Share but I also made a few extras which you can download by clicking on the links below:

This lapbook is made by taping 2 sheets of A3 card together and then folding inwards until it closes as A4. This is what the lapbook looks like when folded out.



In this quarter book Yusef wrote about the different layers within the trunk of the tree.


Samira completed this Venn diagram on Deciduous and Evergreen (Broadleaf and Conifer) trees.


Yusef wrote about how a tree makes and stores food.


We used the ‘Acorn to Oak Tree’ lifecycle book to complete the lifecycle of the Oak Tree.



We used the same book to complete this layered book. Yusef drew some diagrams to show how to identify an Oak tree.




I designed these mini flaps for us to learn about some common British trees. On the front of the flap is a picture of the tree and inside the kids glued down the image of the leaves.


The kids reviewed Simple and Compound leaves from their Botany Notebooks and then wrote under the flaps to classify the British trees according to their leaves.



After researching the Baobab tree, Samira used this hexagonal accordion book to write up some interesting facts about this tree.


In this flap Samira wrote all about tree roots.


In this little shutterbook, Yusef wrote about seedlings and saplings.


This mini book gives examples of leaf margins, and we used this to identify leaf margins as we walked along the road to the shops. The weather is a bit too cold now and the leaves are rapidly shedding, but next Spring/Summer we will review this and collect different leaves to make a collage.


Yusef used this blank fact book to write facts about the Oak tree.




In this flap Yusef labelled the diagram of the leaf.



This is an Arabic Vocabulary flap I made (with help from my husband) to help the kids practise their Arabic reading and increase their vocabulary.



In this shutter book all about leaves, Yusef explained about photosynthesis.


And in this blank book he wrote up some interesting facts about trees.


Samira completed this T-book to show the many different ways humans and animals use trees. We discussed how trees can provide shade and this brought us to the hadith of the Prophet, sall’Allahu alayhi wasalam, in which he forbid urinating under a tree because this is the place where people and animals seek shade.

It was reported on the authority of Mu’adh Ibn Jabal (ra) that the Messenger of Allah, sall’Allahu alayhi wasalam said:
“Be on your guard against three things which provoke cursing: relieving oneself in the watering holes, on the pathways and in the shade of the tree.” [Sunan Abu Dawud, Book of Purification, Book 1, Hadith 26]




Finally they completed this wordsearch on different types of trees.






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