Ancient Rome Notebook Pages


A few days ago I started uploading our World History Timeline Notebook Pages and I explained that the timeline notebook dedicates one page to one period of time in Ancient History. To support our timeline notebook, I am also designing more notebooks to cover certain time periods in more detail.

Today I have put together this Ancient Rome Notebook which you can download HERE.

My daughter Samira will be completing this notebook. Notebooking seems to be her favourite way of showing what she’s learning. Her brother, Yusef still favours lapbooking. You can see his Ancient Rome Lapbook and download the templates HERE.

I recommend using the Miles Kelly History Books to complete these notebook pages.


Or more specifically, you can use these books.


This set of notebooking pages consists of 25 illustrated pages. You can see some samples below.


My daughter Samira completed her notebook on Ancient Rome and I put her notebooking pages into a display pocket folder so that she can look back over it in the future.









2 comments on “Ancient Rome Notebook Pages

  1. […] I would have them do a more in depth study on Italy, Ancient Rome.  I found these lapbook and notebook pages from Iman’s Homeschool and I thought I would have the kids work on these to understand the […]

  2. Thank you! These are just lovely!

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