Digraphs Lapbook and Worksheets ~ CH


I have been asked a lot recently about activities for younger children, particularly for starting reading and writing. So I have decided I will design a set of lapbooks and worksheets to help teach children phonics.

A few years back I designed our Phonics File Folder Game which hugely popular with my younger two daughters, mashaa’Allah. And now that my baby daughter Zeynab is fast approaching 20 months old it won’t be long until she will be starting her phonics program.

I plan to design lapbooks and worksheets to cover digraphs, trigraphs, dipthongs and blends. I’m starting with digraphs which include: ch, th, sh, qu, wh, wr, ph and kn.


I am designing one lapbook element and 7 worksheets per digraph. You can download the printables by clicking below:

I will continue to upload these sets of pages as and when I design them inshaa’Allah.


2 comments on “Digraphs Lapbook and Worksheets ~ CH

  1. Assalam alaikum dear Sister,
    You have no idea how much ajar you will get for all this(neither do I ;-)). Its making me very enthusiatic I want to share something with you and see if you have some advice sfor me.
    I was literally going through a burn out and getting very rigid with my son. Your post brought back a question I had been asking me myself for a while (post on how your homeschool works) is it very important to follow a curriculum? Earlier I was being creative and using downloads, making Montessori activities , going to museums/library etc all very spontaneously and it was going very well but this year I started with a curriculum. I see that my son is resisting learning which he never did earlier. I just noticed that all the good habits he had developed because of Montessori(following a work cycle, owning his work etc) are all gone. He has improved with all the other stuff(writing skills, reading etc), but i dont want it at the cost of his love of learning. When I was able to accomplish those lesson plans I made it a failure for myself but didn’t realize it drags the kids at a pace set by someone else. Everyday I am feeling frustrated when I see him behave so disruptive and I wonder how come I didn’t notice all this. I did read some books last year which had made sense to me and taught me a lot about how learning really happens but I do have some fears when it comes to leaving curriculum out.(I did my entire schooling in India where its very rigid and competitive , somehow it worked very well for me, but not for my siblings) But I am experiencing first hand how every child is unique and its best to follow the child’s interests and do your best. Also I personally find it more fulfilling when I put things together and keep the excitement going.
    Now after this gap of understanding I find myself starting all over again. I want to bring his enthusiasm back. Do you think I should just give him a break for sometime and start doing all those nice things again? or simply switch. he is very young so we don’t lose out on anything if we take a break. I download your lapbooking stuff , so far he has not shown any interest. another thing is I don’t know how to present and get started on a lapbook. (I mean how to with a preschooler?) Do you know any links on that or any of your personal experiences.
    Jazakallah khair for your time.
    Again your downloads are sooo amazing and helpful. May Allah reward you

    • Walaykum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu Sister,

      I strongly believe in child-led learning and following your child’s interests. If you found your son was more enthusiastic before you introduced a curriculum them I would suggest going back to what you were using originally. But I think first of all, take a week or two out of studies altogether and give him time to work on whatever is of interest to him, discuss with your son about the Montessori work he used to do and ask him if he’d enjoy working like that again? It’s good to get your child’s input, it makes them feel truly involved with their education.

      With a pre-schooler I would suggest starting with totbooks (check out my totbook section), as totbooks are less intense than lapbooks. It breaks down a subject into small, manageable activities and games.

      To start a lapbook, first research the subject using books, videos, internet etc, to get an all round understanding of the subject you will be lapbooking. Then use the lapbook elements to look at the subject in further detail, part by part.

      I hope this helps inshaa’Allah.

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