Iman’s Saturday School ~ Wudhu Lapbook


Alhamdulillah, we have started a new lapbook today on Wudhu. This lapbook  aims to teach children from age 5 yrs about how to make wudhu and tayammum.

Some of the ideas and templates are from Umm Abdul Basir’s Wudhu Lapbook  and some I have created myself. You can download all the files to make this lapbook in one folder by clicking HERE.

This session we have been focusing on wudhu and next session we will focus on tayammum. Once the children complete the lapbook I will post more photos to show exactly how it is assembled.

My girls, Amina 6 and Basma 5, made a start on colouring the front cover of their lapbooks while we waited for the other children to arrive.


Today we were joined by Abdullah, Nevaeh, Akeisha and Amirah. We started off by reading the ayah from Surah Al Ma’ida in which Allah directs us how to make wudhu and tayammum. Then we learned in detail the steps of wudhu and how to correctly perform the actions.


After learning the 8 body parts to be washed, the children completed a wordsearch, finding the names of the 8 body parts.


Here is Nevaeh’s wordsearch:


And a lovely, colourful wordsearch by Akeisha, mashaa’Allah:


Next we did some work using wudhu sequence cards, putting them in order on the numbered boxes in the lapbook to learn and practise the sequence for wudhu.


Next time we will make a circle flapbook to cover some of the things that break one’s wudhu, and how to make tayammum inshaa’Allah.


5 comments on “Iman’s Saturday School ~ Wudhu Lapbook

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  2. Ahh Subhana’Allah I was thinking of something like this for my cousins 🙂 Great Idea.

  3. how can i print your lapbooks

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