The Messengers & their Books Card Matching Game


A few months ago I saw a simple card matching game online to help children learn which Messenger brought which Book from Allah. I can’t remember where I saw it although I have a feeling it was probably on Talibiddeen Jr.

I haven’t been able to find it since so I decided to make my own version, one in English and one in Arabic, to help my children review these Pillars of Eemaan as well practise their Arabic reading and writing.

It’s very simple to make. Just print the two pages. The first page is a board showing the name of five Messengers and the second page contains 5 cards showing the names of the revealed Books. Next cut out the board as one piece and the five cards individually, laminate if possible and then you can play.



You can download the files by clicking below:

After playing this game, Yusef practised his Arabic, writing about which Messenger received which book.



9 comments on “The Messengers & their Books Card Matching Game

  1. Assalam alaikum Iman,
    How are you teaching your children Arabic? please give me some ideas. I just started with it. I don’t have a sense of direction because I am a non arab, I have zero confidence in myself.

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  3. Very useful reseources jazakillahu khayr

  4. Assalam Alaikum sis Iman
    jazaka Allah for sharing

    Ameena Saleem

  5. jazakillahukhairan

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