Platypus Lapbook


After completing our Australia Lapbook and Marsupials Lapbook I almost forgot about my daughter, Amina’s Platypus Lapbook! I’m so proud of her, she worked really hard to complete this within two days with no copy work, she wrote all the sentences herself, masha’Allah.

We found the Platypus such a fascinating creature, mashaa’Allah so I decided to find some templates so we could make a lapbook. I found a Platypus Lapbook on Homeschool Share and I took a few templates from there but I decided to make a few templates of my own. You can download my templates by clicking on the links listed below.

Here is what the lapbook looks like when opened out.


The platypus, along with the echidna belongs to a group of mammals known as monotremes (egg-laying). We watch a couple of video clips about monotremes on Youtube:

Amina wrote about montremes in the flap with the echidna on the front.



These two flaps are about how the Platypus burrows underground and how it can breathe even when its body is completely under water.




This is a Platypus Fact book. Amina wrote one fact on each tab.


In this folding book, she cut out and glued down images of what the Platypus eats.




This folding T-book contains details on platypus eggs, babies and feeding.





Here we have a flap on the habitat of the platypus and a shutter book containing a map of Australia and Tasmania showing where the Platypus is likely to be found.



In this accordion fold is a diagram to label the anatomy of the platypus.



The last two flaps show a feeding fact and how the platypus has features that make it like a number of different animals.




And on the reverse of the lapbook, just for a bit of fun, is a maze.



2 comments on “Platypus Lapbook

  1. Assalam alaikum Sister,
    My name is Noor. I live in Pittsburgh, USA. I have a 4 year old and almost 1 year old. I have been homeschooling for a year mostly experimenting different things. So far the only thing that has appealed to me is Montessori method. I am exploring different options and would love to know more on Unit Study. You are certainly making it look appealing. I am so glad I came across your blog. You have shared sooo many wonderful resources. May Allah reward you and your family and increase barakah in your time and efforts and give you many success I have a question. So based on what I see, do you mainly follow the unit study approach? Would love to hear from you. Good luck.

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