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Animals in the Qur’an Notebook Pages ~ Dog


Time is flying this week, subhan’Allah! But I’ve managed to find time to prepare another set of notebook pages for the Animals in the Qur’an series. This set of pages focus on the dog. This set consists of 7 illustrated pages and 4 blank pages. You can download them HERE.


I have included two different ayat in this set of pages and when we come to complete them we will be referring to the tafsir to understand the full stories inshaa’Allah.

The first ayah mentions the dog from the story of the People of the Cave while the second is from a parable based on the story of Bal`am bin Ba`ura’ a man from the Children of Israel in the time of Prophet Musa, alayhi salam.
For more dog-related activities, why not check out our:

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Inshaa’Allah I will be designing 26 sets altogether … the next set will focus on the Donkey.

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