Animals in the Qur’an Notebook Pages ~ Camel


I’ve started designing sets of Notebooking pages covering 26 animals mentioned in the Qur’an. This is the 3rd set in the series on the Camel. You can download the Camel pages HERE.

I will try to upload 2 or 3 sets a week inshaa’Allah. You can view and download the sets already available by clicking on the links below:

For other Camel projects why not check out our:


5 comments on “Animals in the Qur’an Notebook Pages ~ Camel

  1. Assalam alaykum, I LOVE your notebooking pages, masha Allah. I’ve been sharing them to my readers. In sha Allah some of them come your way. 🙂

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  3. Im from Indonesia…MasyaAllah can i download All the fail, I have school for children who only have 2 lesson are Iman and AL-Qur’an. Can I downlod All your file. Syukron jazkallah khair wa barakallahu fik.

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