Animals in the Qur’an Notebook Pages ~ Bee


I have started designing sets of Notebooking pages on Animals in the Qur’an. I am creating one set of pages for each animal. Inshaa’Allah I will produce sets for 26 different animals.

Yesterday I posted the first set with the cover page and pages relating to the Ant which you can view and download HERE.

Today I have made some pages relating to the Bee. Some of the pages include pictures and diagrams and other pages are blank to allow children to add in their own drawings and diagrams.

You can download the notebook pages for the Bee HERE.

If you are interested in other Bee Projects why not check out some of our work by clicking on the links below:


5 comments on “Animals in the Qur’an Notebook Pages ~ Bee

  1. May Allah swt grant you Jannatul firodus and give you baraqa in everything good you do and make your family the pious ones.

  2. I’m using Bird and animals mentioned in the qur’an by Al Huseini Sha’ban al Mahdi (ISPH) together with yout notebooking pages mashaALlah . It incorporates reading comprehension with science, writing and Islamic studies:)
    AlhamduliAllah kind of- all in 1:)

  3. You are amazing masha’Allah this work is a gold mine

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