Hajj Lapbook (5 yrs+)


Alhamdulillah, I am pleased to be able to share with you our newest Hajj lapbook, just in time for the beginning of the Hajj. This lapbook is suitable for children who are just starting to read and write and those who are confident reading and writing a few sentences. If you like this lapbook you can download the templates HERE. This lapbook was made by my two younger daughters, Basma (5 yrs) and Amina (6 yrs).

Other Hajj Lapbooks:

This lapbook is made by taping two sheets of A3 card side by side plus an extra A4 sheet and then folding in on itself until the book closes to A4 size. Here is how it opens first to reveal the Arabic Months page with focus on Dhul-Hijjah – the month of Hajj.


After colouring the letters my girls spent a few minutes practising putting the letters in the correct order to spell D-H-U-L-H-I-J-J-A-H … they were very pleased with themselves when they could spell such a long word by themselves, mashaa’Allah.



My girls know the Arabic numbers upto 10 so this was an easy review for them and now they have learned 11 and 12 too and along with that they learned that Dhul-Hijjah is the 12th Islamic month.


We did a review of the 5 Pillars of Islam with this flap book. Amina wrote the pillars under each numbered flap and Basma glued hers down from the print out.


We learned about why the first ten days of Dhul-Hijjah are important and then the girls completed these two activities about the types of good deeds that can be done during the first ten days.






Then the lapbook opens out again to reveal this awesome Hajj map created by Islamic Bulletin Boards and these cute little day-by-day circle books created by Umm Abdul Basir. As the girls learned about the various rites of Hajj they glued down a stage on their maps.



On the opposite page are the books on Ihram, Tawaaf and a shutterbook with a map indicating where the Ka’bah is.


Inside the Ihram flap the girls cut out and glued down how to prepare for Ihram and some of the things we are not allowed to do whilst in the state of Ihram.


When the Tawaaf flap folds down it reveals a diagram of how to perform Tawaaf with a folded up net of the Ka’bah.


The net can then be folded out to make a 3D model to help explain clearly how to perform Tawaaf.


The page then folds back to reveal two further pages underneath, one containing a speech-bubble shaped flap on how to recite the Talbiyah which we practised reciting all afternoon.



Beneath the Talbiyah flap is a book flap about the story of the Well of Zam-Zam. We mixed up the sentences and then stuck them down in the correct order to relay the story.


This is an accordion book which covers a few details about the day of Arafah.


We learned about the story of Prophet Ibrahim, alayhi salam when he was being tempted by the Shaytaan whilst on his way to sacrifice his son, Isma’eel, alayhi salam and how he chased away the Shaytaan by throwing pebbles. This story has been glued down in the flap on Stoning the Jamaraat.

Then we discussed the Sacrifice and the girls completed this question and answer flap.


On the reverse of the lapbook is a Hajj Wordsearch which covers some of the vocabulary and Arabic terms we used in this lapbook.


May Allah accept this humble effort and cause us all to benefit. May Allah accept the Hajj of our brothers and sisters in Islam and may He bless us with the opportunity to visit the Sacred House.

Wishing you all a blessed Eid ~ EID MUBAREK!


12 comments on “Hajj Lapbook (5 yrs+)

  1. A lot of effort, Jazak Allahu Khairan!

  2. as salaamu alaykum,

    Awesome, maa shaa Allah!

  3. MashaAllah this is great! Jazzaki Allahu Khairan ❤

  4. Never mind the children! I want to have a go at these books . Even more reasons to want to home school . Very inspiring! I never enjoyed school bullied never fit in , can see happening with own children in the uk 30 years later mum to four , 20 month,6,11 and 14year old. Considering homing the 2 younger but need the courage .

  5. mashaallah , we dua for you, inshaallah.

  6. Ma shaa ALLAH. Great effort. Is it allowed to download the material?
    Jazaki ALLAH khairan

  7. Jazakillahu Khayran Katheeran! My daughers (age 5) greatly enjoyed this, in fact this is the first lapbook they have ever made, and mashallah, all the components have been put together so well by you. May Allah make it a sadaqa jaariyah for you, ameen! Inshallah I’ll be browsing your site for more materials for this age group.

  8. JazakAllah Khairun for sharing you resources. I was searching for my children to do some work before hajj and came across your blog. You not only shared your children’s Lapbbooks but also shared the resources. May Allah reward you for all the effort you put in to make it all as well as sharing it with everyone. Ameen

  9. […] Hajj lapbook for 5+ years (other ages linked on the same site)- Iman’s Homeschool has a wealth of lapbook available on tons of topics, mashaAllah. May Allah reward her for her hard work. She’s a whiz when it comes to tying together secular and Islamic topics, so make sure to check out her page and get on her mailing list. […]

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